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Omni- (spelled always with a dash) was founded by AaronG in early 2008 as a Faith Based Ambient Rock Band. Aaron later teamed up with Guitarist and Songwriter "Luke Jackson" to complete Omni-'s Premiere album entitled  "Winter's End" available on Itunes, Napster, Amazon, and CDBaby

Omni-‘s music can be found everywhere digital music is sold B)>+

AaronG [aka Aaron Golematis] 

Frontman | Guitar | Voice | Piano | our fearless leader

Aaron Golematis [aka AaronG] is an Award Winning Music/Video Producer as well as a professional Voiceover/Voiceactor. He is the founder of the band "Omni-", AaronGTV, and Independent Music Media. AaronG is known throughout the Independent Artistic Community as a rising authority on multi/social media marketing. He gives public lectures on the social mindset of today’s modern consumer, as well as musical philosophy & techniques to both industry and independent musicians globally.





Drums | Percussion 


Music is one of the greatest gifts from our creator. Definitely one of my top 3 passions in life. Music has, is and always will be a huge part of who I am. As far back as i can remember into my childhood I can remember having a great passion for it. I also remember always banging or tapping on stuff. I remember my buddies dad had a band that practiced at his house and I can remember jammin on his drums every chance I got. Finally bought my first kit as a teen. 1960's aqua blue sparkled 5 piece Ludwig Rockers kit (Yeah Baby!) . Absolutely hideous but they did the job and I loved beatin the tar out of em! 18 years and several drum kit / upgrades later found my way in and out of  many bands along the way. Some great and some not so great. After the last project I was in fell apart a couple years ago, I told myself I was done with bands unless I came across somethin really special.  It wasnt until recently that I was offered the chance to audition for Omni. Could not believe it! Thank you Lord! (and Aaron G.)  I had previously sometime earlier heard some of Omni's music and was simply blown away! From the meaning, depth and heart poured into the lyric content, to the soaring vocals and catchy melodies, to the creative guitar and drum work, to the outstanding mastering of the CD Omni had it goin on way above and beyond any local group and even many big name national acts. Shortly thereafter met and struck up an awesome friendship with Aaron. Had a blast at the audition shortly after that and been havin a blast ever since! Lookin forward to makin a positive difference in the world through Omni~

Joe Giese (on loan from the Wall Clocks :-)

Guitar | vocals


Joe is a Dearborn, Michigan native and has been playing guitar since he was 13 years old and works hundreds of dates each year in the South-Eastern Michigan area.
Loving all things music, it's natural that his abilities don't end on the stage or while being recorded. Joe spends much of his time on the other side of the studio glass running his own recording facility, Wellington St. Studios.
Since loud guitar amps aren't enough, he likes to amplify the whole band by spending many hours mixing at Front Of House for his family-owned Pro Sound Company, GK Audio, as well as freelance work for other bands and soundco's.
When not onstage, in the studio, or mixing a band, Joe enjoys tinkering (building guitars, amps, effect pedals etc.), cooking, long walks on the beach, and buying new gear (when he can afford it).

Omni- Alumni



Steve Ashton (AKA Ashton) is a guitarist, bassist, trumpeter and music educator.  

Ashton's love for music began

at the young age of 9 when he began studying the trumpet and quickly moved to the
guitar after hearing a Jimi Hendrix song on the radio. Ashton's father bought him his first
guitar and he has been playing ever since. His musical influences range from The Beatles,

Jimi Hendrix, U2, Led Zeppelin, Mark Tremonti to Wynton Marsalis, Maynard Ferguson, Miles
Davis and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, just to name a few. 
Ashton also plays his trumpet with the worship band at his hometown church. 

Jeff VanNieulande

Bass | Guitar

Jeff VanNieulande is a superpower on the bass. bringing Omni-'s powerful lows to artistic reality. 


Bass | Keys

Joining Omni- comes from learning piano at a young age,  where I was determined to learn and play every Elton John song ever written to playing classical and other Pop music. From High School to College, I had always been involved in some kind of Rock Band or Wedding Band. But in the 90's my life in music totally changed when I joined a Christian Church.  I was constantly asked to play piano for their Sunday morning church services, but in my mind going to church was one thing, but to get me up there playing piano was another, you'd have to be crazy !  Well God did work in mysterious ways, before I knew it, I was playing piano, singing and leading their services every Sunday morning for years and to this day still do the same thing at various churches. Joining Omni- happened by being introduced to AaronG by the current drummer (Steve Schwind) who asked me to join their group. After listening to Aaron's CD and careful thought, I declined. It wasn’t until later when I agreed to at least play a one time gig with them, it was then where I really heard Aaron sing and perform where I was blown out of the water by his awesome vocals. I reconsidered my decision, sat down with him and discussed the group. When Aaron told me that the time spent with this group would never take priority over family, I realized that if his iorities are as of this and knowing we shared this same important aspect,  it was then when I joined Omni-

Eric Daly



Jeremy Walker



Mike Jackson



Josh Fifelski




Luke Jackson





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